The Doctrine of Disturbance



It’s med
-eval, really,
the third real(m)
of all this lack
of silence
lack of resilience
lack of re:
lack of smile-ance,

(sans scholastic)
she is all too human
(is tic)
(is ticked)
………(is tricked);
left here singing the last remains
of her own unsensi
-bled strains.


Prompted by one of Shawna’s awesome lists.


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3 Responses to The Doctrine of Disturbance

  1. whimsygizmo says:

    If I add a subtitle of “for Oskar,” I get to say I used all the words. Does that make me an obsessive compulsive wordie?

  2. mood wings says:

    I love that the first line says “It’s mead.” In the opening, it’s like you’re saying “it’s mead, this i … the third real me.”

    Love these:
    “lack of re:”
    “smile-ance” … It first looked like “smile acne” 🙂
    the last stanza … especially “Classic (sans scholastic) she is all too human” and “her own un-sensei”

  3. Oskar would love this!
    You convey how annoying it is to be disturbed by someone else’s noise – so much so that it makes her scream!
    Oskar just needs some noise-cancelling headphones!

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