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stone, washed

….. there’s a poem (and a pebble) in my pocket, unturned. i washed them by mis -take and now they have be -come one, ink and stone, the last tattered pieces of my shrink-to-fit un -readable heart.   … Prompted … Continue reading

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The Dichotomy of Trees

  …. I’ve got a half a dozen things worth saying – here are three: The color of my skin is nothing. Don’t you see ……these scars? More than the earth is round, …Love, everything comes full. Please stay. The … Continue reading

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Wearing Wheelbarrows, Moonlight, Ravens

(a cento) … The moving finger writes; and having writ, moves on. (oh, ye high flown quills that soar the skies) So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see, we wear the mask that grins and lies. The … Continue reading

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Brother and sister together, friends forever.

…. Brother and sister together, friends forever. We sing it in to you both like a mantra a slogan of siblingdome, from the early days when you ran around together, blocks and babies flung and clung to with equal measure. … Continue reading

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The Pop Tart Association

…. Tony the Tiger thinks they’re           Grrrr-eat! Kids love ’em, especially the frosted brown sugar ones. But for her, they’re sore -ly burned, and smell like less -ons left unlearned.   … …. Prompted over at Shawna’s.     … Continue reading


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