Brother and sister together, friends forever.

Brother and sister together, friends forever.

We sing it in to you both
like a mantra
a slogan of siblingdome,
from the early days when you ran
around together, blocks and babies
flung and clung to with equal measure.

We treasure every too-short moment,
when we aren’t reeling from the mack
-truck feeling of 2 under 2, diapers x2,
too much too soon, two
16 months apart (God’s timing, not ours.)

We mediate the wars of adolescence:
he’s doing this, and she’s bugging that
and it’s not fair! and I want! and Miiiiine!

We watch time tick all too fast,
younger sis heading to Jr. High at last.
Big brother walks her in, proud.
My heart in my ears, loud. Prayers for
soft hearts, thick skins, strong bodies,
sharp minds, and always, always
our decree:

Brother and sister together, friends forever.

Never do I regret a single day.
But I do want a time machine.
High fives now, mostly. You’re too old to kiss
in public.

I beg for a time machine. Most days I miss:
Trains made of pink shelf bins
and tiny purses full of Legos.

Prompted by Poetic Asides.



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6 Responses to Brother and sister together, friends forever.

  1. mood wings says:

    You know I’m living this … times two. Love the poem, and the prayers: “Prayers for
    soft hearts, thick skins, strong bodies” … I’m learning that a whole lot of trouble comes with “sharp minds” though. 🙂

  2. The lump in my throat is enormous. De…this is such a beautiful treasure and your heart…sigh….you’re such an awesome one, truly!!

    My sister and I are that far apart and so yes, yes, yes…to all of this, so true and we are friends forever.

  3. This made me tear up. Those were some well-fed toddlers you had – look at those cheeks!
    My older two are 2 years apart and have have always been close. They are headed for adulthood, now, and paths are slowly but surely headed in different directions. So I am so with you about getting that time machine.

  4. Misky says:

    Gosh, I love this photo. And a love poem to top it all off!

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