New Philosophy of Laundry (101)


Clean yoga pants and
black tank
in the dryer, ready
to put on.

Dirty yoga pants and
black tank
go in the washer, once

is on their




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4 Responses to New Philosophy of Laundry (101)

  1. Shawna says:

    Amen to that!!!

  2. Lol!! Perfect…I need to put that into motion here…

  3. šŸ™‚ Indeed. Laundry piles up so fast.
    I just learned that you should never use fabric softener in the dryer w/ your workout clothes – and that you should soak them in white vinegar before washing (if you want to get the stink out or prevent the stink from building up). The vinegar kills any bacteria – then you wash as usual and dry w/ no dryer sheet – I tried it yesterday on my workout gear — it seemed to work out… but I will really know if when I wear those same clothes and work out again in them… if they keep smelling good – that will be the test! I’ll let you know!

  4. So much laundry here all the time but all I really care about are my own comfort clothes!

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