Ten Dancies


She has re
-able documentation
and an ex
-clusive invitation
from the Brit
Royal Navy for the dance.

She’s trans
out her pumpkin,
abandoned her mom
jeans; donned her
elephant bell
of the ball flares.

All Chel
-sea boots and baby
doll blouse, she’s out
in the squish of her own
midnight sway.

Her love beads are beat
-ing, and the story’s re
-peating; but after ten
decades, when she
finally puts on her granny
glasses, she sees:
the prince is all


Awesome word list from my Shawna.



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4 Responses to Ten Dancies

  1. Shawna says:

    Ha ha ha! You rocked this. I’m wearing such a big grin. Love how you split “mom jeans,” getting “abandoned her mom” out of the deal.

    My fave:
    “All Chel
    -sea boots and baby
    doll blouse, she’s out
    in the squish”

    And is that “All Chill” hiding up there? 🙂

  2. I guess he couldn’t dance well… love the wordplay in this one. Really able documentation!

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