Chant Royale (watch her scud, and ska)


She’s evolved beyond
Dante, Goethe, and Rumi
-nating on the hidden
love poetry and under
-lying notional logic
(don’t mock)
of rap.

she’s just six syllables
from a song.




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5 Responses to Chant Royale (watch her scud, and ska)

  1. Shawna says:

    You big-time filled up the happy-box in my heart. This is sooooo endorphonic. Endor-phin-ic? Indoor-finick-y? Whatever. I love it. 😉

    I was not at all expecting “song” at the end. My brain was going with something like “sycophant.” Or even better, “asylum.” 😉

  2. There is some good rap out there! They are definitely true poets, I’d say. Is this a play on Lorde – and her song Royals?
    By the way, did you know that Chant Royal is a poetic form? I probably should not tell you that because, knowing you, you’ll tackle it 🙂

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