crib notes to my sometimes self

hey –
breathe that sky. sigh,
and know it’s all gonna
be all right. laugh. cry.
sing some small slurry
of joy into the world. pet
something furry, hug
your kids. find yourself
in words. revel in true
love. the rest is what
it is.


Prompted by Quickly in September, day 15.

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7 Responses to crib notes to my sometimes self

  1. Shawna says:

    Before I read the poem, let me say that the title makes me think of talking to yourself like a baby. Sometimes we are simpletons somewhere inside ourselves, and another of our more grown-up voices has to talk to the “baby” to guide her steps.

    I really like “breathe that sky-sigh,” and also the idea that Sigh might be someone’s name. Maybe the baby. Maybe a friend. Maybe a friend who’s being a baby. It’s “all right to laugh and cry” … it’s nice to have permission to do both; sometimes we forget. We don find ourselves in our kids, which is both beautiful and scary at varying times.

    “the rest is what-love” … I like that noun. 🙂

    This has a very “whatever will be shall be” feel, which is just what I needed. Thank you.

  2. Misky says:

    “find yourself in words” – wonderful, De.


  3. This is beautiful – “it’s all gonna be be all right”

  4. WOW! That’s it. Just WOW! 😉

  5. julespaige says:

    Water off a ducks back. …’the rest is what it is’. 🙂

    Thanks for your encouraging wordies.

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