All Magic Comes with a Price

her secrets, spilled:

She’s not classy,
but she’s true.

She’s still
learning to feel at home
in her own
rumpled, still skin.

She doesn’t care
for the high
society, glitter
-ati, millionaire

She has no need
……..for gold,
or other things spun.

She’s just longing
for a name
that doesn’t feel
like a stranger’s tongue
in her mouth.


Prompted by Quickly in September, day 20.





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7 Responses to All Magic Comes with a Price

  1. Oh, wow…De…so much in this that captures me…I love the play with the name rumplestillskin the way you broke it down and then employed element of the tale with spun gold and the way you close with a name…powerfully delivered with that stranger’s tongue. Excellent and enjoyed!

  2. julespaige says:

    ‘glitter – ati’ -adore it: magic! The whole piece.
    Whimsical mystical satirical you!

  3. A gal after my own heart. I can do without riches and glitter-ati.

  4. Shawna says:

    Hilarious! You are so clever. 🙂 Love these goodies: “She’s not classy, but she’s true.” “rumpled, still skin” “she doesn’t care for the high” (ha!) … The last stanza really got me; I love the way each line builds upon the previous, slightly changing formerly established meaning. “She’s just longing” means plenty all on its own, but then you go and add a line … and another … and so on.

  5. And she had to marry that king, despite all these secrets, and thereby acquire his name and not one of her own choosing! Love the way you used “rumpled, still skin” – as Shawna said, you are very clever. And the end is great – that stranger’s tongue in her mouth becomes a grotesque image.

  6. I bow to your acumen, friend. You have a way!

  7. whimsygizmo says:

    Thanks, all.
    I liked the way “stranger’s tongue in her mouth” could be literal, or also about her name sounding like a foreign tongue to her, a language she does not understand.

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