Whatcha diggin’ for?

Some finer ex
-pression of
old soul?

Here’s the dirt:
Keep close, I
think; that’s my
impression. Give
more than you
take, live small. Love

Bridges are crossed
every day, Love.
Take one, or don’t.

But stop searching
in the mud
when the sky
is waiting.


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6 Responses to Miner

  1. jae rose says:

    Yes always look up…if you take one…or more..there’s a chance all you will ever see is your feet! Love the playful use of words..almost contrasts the wisdom mined within

  2. Shawna says:

    There is some very meaningful word play in here:
    *The two versions of china/China.
    *Press-on of heart, mind, soul.
    *Here’s the dirt (going back to the digging reference).
    *Keep a close eye. Keep a closed eye (so that your other senses work better). Also, have faith in the things you cannot see.
    *Give impression. Leave your mark on the world; make your footprint count.
    *Give more than you.
    *Love-take. Live small. (I LOVE this line.) Whatever you take, take it in love, as a lover of humanity and hearts. Also, live in a minimalistic way. (I think the title is really “Min-er,” an abbreviation for “minimalism.” Also, “minutes” … a lifestyle in which you make every minute count and still live a simple life that doesn’t hurt people or damage the earth.
    *Bridges are cross-ed.” This reminds me of that Point of Grace song, “There’s a Bridge to Cross the Great Divide.”
    *Every day, love” (verb)
    *Butt: Stop searching! LOL 😉 I guess this means, don’t spend all your time in the bathroom. And if you want your butt in the air instead of in the mud, perhaps you’re saying “do a handstand.” In other words, flip things upside-down, and have some fun. Or maybe this is just a really deep bow (or yoga pose). Or am I reaching with this one? 😉

  3. Or you could be talking to all the “minors” who need to listen to this advice! “Some finer ex” – HA! Doesn’t everyone look for that at some point! Though you hope they don’t become and “ex”!
    “Give more than you take” yes, great advice. Also, “take one, or don’t” – as simple as that. And the last stanza is great as well!

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