Let your hair down,
girl, a waterfall of gold,
a tressed staircase lead
-ing straight back up
to your own

You were happy once, re
right before
you dropped your last part
-iciple. Gravity’s a funny
thing. It stings. Swing
for the fences; it’s still
all gotta come tumbling

Prompted by Quickly in September, day 22




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3 Responses to Towers

  1. On days like today, you just gotta hear someone say “well done”. Consider it said!

  2. Misky says:

    Gosh, this one touched me deep down.


  3. Shawna says:

    This, to me, is about someone who has been burned by church life. The speaker is telling her to “re-member” … just give it another shot. Staying away from church entirely isn’t going to heal anything. She needs to find a new church home and pick a “part” to play (serve in some way, even if it’s not exactly what she feels like doing). Sometimes you don’t have the luxury of healing completely before jumping back out there into the world.

    The word “tower” always makes me think of the Tower of Babel. Nothing good ever comes from a tower, whether you’re building something you shouldn’t be building or being locked up (or locking yourself up) inside it. Towers were built to come down.

    I love “girl” as a verb, as in: “girl a waterfall of gold” … and what you did with “lead” (short /e/) versus “lead” (long /e/) to creat the slant rhyme of “tresses” and “lead” before falling down into “leading” (spacing) and “leading.” If you lead (/led/) straight back up the stairs, you’re very heavy, dragging yourself against gravity with every upward step.

    Gravity’s a funny ick-I-pull … Awesome.

    The thing about falling towers is that it may hurt to fall down with them, but at the end you have a pile of rock—a firmer foundation to stand on—onto which you can climb and sing, “King of the Mountain.”

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