applause within falls

hold me close

hold your applause

applause mean nothing

applause fall through

through the pain

through the rain

rain a frown

rain it down

down to my home

down to my hand

hand me a towel

hand me a new heart

heart to heart

heart to head

head somewhere new

head in the clouds

clouds my judgment

clouds my silver lining

lining a soul with ice under

lining forgotten phrases

phrases spent

phrases rent

rent in two

rent this space

space for rent

space to breathe

breathe in

breathe out

out you go

out with the old

old unfolds

old dies

dies cast

dies last

last place

last wrong turn

turn the tables

turn the other cheek

cheek with bruise

cheek to choose

choose your poison

choose your path

path to freedom

path along the stream

stream of conscious

stream to falls

falls down around her

falls under his spells




A Blitz poem, shared at Quickly in September, day 23.







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6 Responses to applause within falls

  1. Kir Piccini says:

    I love all your poetry but when you write like this, where one word tumbles on top of another and twists my tongue , my thoughts and my temptations to write…well these are my favorites.

  2. julespaige says:

    Seems to me the tale of a gal who needs to take Dear Abby’s advice and find a new beau!
    Nicely done.

    I’m not usually into more than a page length poem myself. But with some tweaking I think mine came out OK.

  3. Love the title!
    On the 3rd line do you mean “means”? But maybe not, since the next line is “applause fall”
    I like “phrases rent” — I’m thinking of rent as tearing out. Which is how it feels sometimes, I know.
    Very cool poem!

  4. I found it challenging for that reason, too, De. I love how these tumble as well…perfectly sensical – and the silver thread that flows through this tieing it all together is graceful. Beautiful, De.

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