fixed, folded, freckled

she palms a polly
wog and a white frog,
a Belgian
plant. she rants of swamp
(y) forests and the moist hum
…….-ity of crying
the wrong song. she’s an ex
-ceptional mono
-chromatic nucleosis, a quiet
cot caught be
………-tween a giant
sphinx moth and a goth girl
gone bad. she’s rad

-io active,
pops ash trees
in her spare time
for a spare dime
she’ll soon lose. her mer
-maid muse has abused
her water uptake, and been
reduced to scales
with an extremely long
nectar spur or
-chid seed blowing like dust.

twice slurred, she’s a bad pond
apple, fallen
too far
from both tree
and sky, a bare root
strangled in blackened hand.
her quill produces
two long tendrils;
…………one of smoke
…..and one of sand.



Inspiring word list from my Shawna.


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2 Responses to fixed, folded, freckled

  1. Love that title, fixed, folded, freckled! Moist hum, i.d.! And exceptional mono! Also, she’s rad! And then her “mer” — great image of the muse misbehaving … the two long tendrils is great.

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