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Less On

… I am learning the value of lack of per -fectionism, the way light prisms through the cracks. I am re -sieving things with a wilder heart, a brighter start and a slightly catty -wampus sway. I’ve got no bushels … Continue reading

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sorrow steps into the light

. where to start? i. found the note in your pocket on an ordinary Thursday after -noon. ii. did a double-take at its sexy scrawl (not mine) and its lip -stick stain (not my color). iii. tri-folded it carefully, and … Continue reading

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Night, and Gale

.. The wind has a peculiar song on its tail: three-parts laughter, one part longing. We taste it soft on hungry tongues, wait for each syllable to sway us aloft, and lead us home. When mo(u)rning comes, will we know … Continue reading

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This is the Dawning

. of the age of Aquarius, of daisy -chained strains of freedom songs; a season of everythings and the absolutely nothings of war. This is the coming of age and rage and all things un -staged, shedding our own bright … Continue reading

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Breathing in Steam and Stumble

(a nonsense poem) .. When I put on my cher -shooes, I do be (rah rah rah) -lieve in life after love and the ka -gazzle of a laloobay dawn. Let’s songspill and rubyswim this hawkloon sky, yes? Let’s dress … Continue reading

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.. Let’s get passionate about silly, slew audible ink -lings of literary strange, blue gnarled roots just out of range of ………………reason. Let’s season our -selves in rosemary, silk and salt, mint our tea and tint our me -anderings with … Continue reading


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This is one name for a group of snails, as if we are already pondering how they will taste drenched in butter and garlic. This morning, mine (my backyard friends) are drenched only in sprinkler water, tiny antennae dancing over … Continue reading

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Girl Under Glass

Diphylla@Deviant Art . For all to see …………………..she dances sings, with only ……………..the slightest reflection ………………of wings.  .   .. Prompted by mindlovemiserysmenagerie photo challenge.    

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Potent Defense

… Is it just me, or are things somehow getting slowly un -tangled, somewhat mangled, less wrangled than their usual sub -sequent social con -sequences? Are your in -fringe -ments dangling loose, for all the world to see? Is your … Continue reading

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Fresh back from a vacation high, plus lots of life ……………………..not much time for words. Circlin’ my wagons. I’ll be back.

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