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Prehensile Trunks, All In

.. We crease the corners carefully, all things con -sidered, and with great organ(s) (heart, lungs, skin) of I- zation. Give us a swan, a wrinkled tongue forced un -open, a gray ear eventually tipped toward sky. I be -queath … Continue reading

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what goes up

.. one last red balloon says the party’s over. we can let the record needle skip a few more times, dance one last rhyme or reason with the rising sun; the results are the same. it’s last call for ever-afters. … Continue reading

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Aubade to Inevitable Sunrise

.. What remains is stardust and a last must -ered sigh. These streets are full of our goodbyes: that corner, this shadowed doorway. If I wanted to find you again, could I? Would you plea Polo to my Marco, mark … Continue reading

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. Same old. Same. ……….Old. Beg: un. Re: done. …………….Dance.     .

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The Recent Reprise of Silence

. There’s a certain shhhhhhh when she holds her breath, the slow and quiet death of busy-ness and need for brilliance. Her resilience comes in these sea-salted places, traces of ink pulled over pre-stained skin. Begin to know her here … Continue reading

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Blue Friday News

. There are no crowds up here on deck, just the whisper of the pines. You see, we’re shopping for peace today. And joy and the beginning of a season worth embracing, holding all year long. We’ve got coffee, and … Continue reading

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Skewed News

Once again we have buried the lead (may it rest in peace). We need to find the heart of it, the whowhatwhenwherewhy of it, the frightened beating start of it. We need to dig deeper than our aching head -lines … Continue reading

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Incantations of Appreciation

.. It’s the way the blue blurs her sharp edges, shirrs the corners into slighter sway. It’s the day she realizes all is blessing, joy is now, grace new each day.   . Prompted by Poetic Asides.  

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a thankful heart, with a view of blue

. starting today off with significantly less phlegm, more Lake sparkles and a full heart. . Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving, and an attitude of gratitude all year long. .

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Second Verse, Same as the First

(an Ovillejo) With its whole heart unfurled, ……..the world (to hell, and back again) ……..will spin a yarn, a web, ashamed; ……..the same old tired tune, overplayed. By way of proof, here’s the full truth: ……………….. The world will spin … Continue reading


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