ToGetHer Again


keep your eyes on the sky,
know each cloud as it spins

by, thrown on its own be
-lligerent breeze. Ask these

trees if they know where she’s
hiding; their limbs have me

-morized her skin. Begin to see
the forest for its warning sighs.

Steep yourself in sand
and sorrow, study her salt;

ask the ocean where it’s
tossed her. Or perhaps

you never should

……………………….have lost her.


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3 Responses to ToGetHer Again

  1. I was thinking of someone who is dead – and yes, never should have lost her is true. And maybe we never do.
    As usual, I love your use of the comma…. after ToGetHerAgain, the pause is more than an ordinary pause or space — the explanation hanging in the midst.

  2. Gia says:

    “thrown on its own be-by” sounds like a groovy dance beat!
    Love this: “Begin to see the forest for its warning sighs.”
    Great ending. 🙂

  3. From the title to the ending, an incredible piece of writing, De.

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