Luc(k)y in Love

She’s got some ’splaining to do,
like why her cheeks go all crimson
and her eyes get more blue
when he’s around.

She’s found herself
something lasting – no more
gasping for air or holding her
breath or staring at the sun
’til she’s blind.

She’s in a bit of a
bind, bound by the syllables
of his name, pinned by the sharp
corner of his smile.

It’s been awhile,
but she’s remembering
the feeling
of breathing
instead of




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2 Responses to Luc(k)y in Love

  1. You capture the exhilaration of young love well here. “bound by the syllables / of his name” – isn’t that so true.
    This reminded me of one of our cats who died about a year ago – Lucy was her name 🙂

  2. peach blossom moth says:

    Very cool. She’s been messed up by love before, so she’s a little scared this time. But gradually, she’s learning to trust again. I love the I Love Lucy opening! Such a clever title. 🙂

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