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Morning Moment

(sweet and sour) . It’s the hour when the sun pops up like a lemon drop and I’ve not yet had my second cup, and for a little cotton candy sky bit, the world holds her perfect breath. .

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the inevitability of kissing you goodbye

. at some randomly chosen (unbeknownst to me) point in time, my name became a sourball on your tongue. Now I’m just sitting here, thinking it’s about time I spit you out.   .  

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. we eat ice cream and say things that don’t matter, then s c a t t e r her to the setting sun.     .

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Pondering Broken

.. She is still holding together the jagged edges of her own breath, salvaging pieces of her song. But this morning the sky was just a little fuller, and the strawberries she sliced into her Cheerios tickled her tongue. . … Continue reading

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