the inevitability of kissing you goodbye


at some randomly chosen
(unbeknownst to me)
point in time,
my name
a sourball
on your tongue.

Now I’m just sitting here,
thinking it’s
about time
I spit




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7 Responses to the inevitability of kissing you goodbye

  1. The title comes through perfectly in my feed; it’s two lines, “the inevitability of kissing you” on the first, and “goodbye” on the second. I think you should do that on purpose here. Also, you might italicize the “you” at the end for emphasis.

    • whimsygizmo says:

      In the body of the poem, I can italicize or bold all day long. But if I do that originally in the title, it makes it all normal, and I don’t know how to play with it. Are you saying html codes work there? I will try.

  2. Maybe you could just repeat the title above the body of the poem (but technically within the body). But that’s just low-tech me!
    I hope she makes a huge spitball 🙂

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