Forgive My Salt


Excuse me,
Have you seen the sun?
Today has gone gray
around the temples
too soon.
We kneel and feel and
and wonder why these
spires have lost their in-.

I am tired of holding
communion alone
with this darkening sky,
so if I
am a little late,

excuse me.




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2 Responses to Forgive My Salt

  1. Shawna says:

    so many meanings here: “these have lost their in-spires”
    love what you did with “temples”
    taking communion alone sounds beautiful … but not without Jesus, of course
    “pray” on its own line makes me think of “prey” as well
    The title tells me you’ve been crying. I think you’re hurting and sad before church, feeling alone and disconnected from the fellowship of believers. Your first two lines imply, to me, that sometimes it seems as if the church at-large doesn’t even know the Son, or know where He “is.” Maybe it doesn’t feel like He’s at church.

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