I’ll Never Tell

think it’s swell
that I sway to the beat
of my own jagged tune,
smash my favorite records
under a dying moon
and rid the world
of one small gumdrop
at a time.

the way
the rain finds
the curve of your face
divine, the last words
you said
as you were
Be well.
Be mine.




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2 Responses to I’ll Never Tell

  1. I’ll never tell… hmm… this one is a mystery to me. Be well? followed by, be mine? As he is leaving? Take your divine face elsewhere, is what I’d say 🙂

  2. peach blossom moth says:

    Wow. This is gorgeous. Spell-binding, really. He’s not leaving, leaving. Just leaving for a little while. Maybe this is after the first day, or the fifth, once he’s really gotten to know her groovy cool unique vibe. He says “be mine” in a bashful kind of way because he’s nervous, afraid he’s not worthy of her. And the way the title plays into the first line says that she’s not going to tell him exactly how nervous she is. They both like each other very much, and each is afraid he/she isn’t good enough for the other … or just slightly afraid of rejection. This is precious! I love their coy ways. 🙂

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