cherries and rum and tum

-bled words:

chalk and talk
of gypsy-girl
travels. bangles and jangles
and unraveled in
-digo string just waiting
to be stretched long and
pulled periwinkle proud.

the singing of 80’s and 90’s
music out loud, and the sound
of our own hearts
(skip a)

rosemary and mint
and juniper embers

and peaches and blossoms
and long moon hollows.

tea parties in turquoise
hair and long polka-dot
dancing socks.

small rocks,
for throwing at the world.

deep burgundy swirls
of fading





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4 Responses to cherries and rum and tum

  1. peach blossom moth says:

    Sweet mother of pearls~

    You astound me when you do this, pull together all our lovelies, and all my names, to make me smile when I’m feeling down. Oh my. I knew this was for me when I read the title, but man, this is really, really good! Over the top and down the waterfall good. I wasn’t expecting THIS gorgeousity! Gorgeous City. Next poem idea … anyway, you even gave me ideas for my NEXT blog (and then some). Like Swirls of Fading. That sounds pretty fantastic. String, Just-Waiting. To Be Stretched Long. Pulled Periwinkle. Periwinkle Proud. Of Our Own Hearts’ Remembering. Moon Hollows. Tea Parties in Turquoise. … You get the idea. I love the poem. 😉 And that you totally get me!

  2. tea parties in turquoise says:

    Hee hee. SO cute! 😉

  3. I thought I had commented on this – it’s great. Now if you would have said “hannah ink” you could have made it in tribute to your other poet friend 🙂

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