Bay Street Blues


Play me some pretty ditty, spilling out of the café
on the corner, chased by laughter.
Watch as my last cigarette
burns to dust.

I’ve been standing here
for hours and not a soul
has seen me.

Stars have come and gone, the wind has blown.

The seasons turn
but I am stuck here,

Brother, can you spare
some change?
I need
a loan.



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3 Responses to Bay Street Blues

  1. Don’t we all? Need a loan, I mean. Of some type, anyway.

  2. Shawna says:

    This is great. Your closing actually says “I need alone.” And when you talk about change, you don’t mean money. You’re going through a period of self-reflection, and you know you’d like to change yourself.

    “I’ve been standing here
    for hours and not a soul
    has seen me.”

    This means that no one “gets” you. You’re just going through a soul-searching rough patch.

    Bass Treat Blues (Water) … Your “street” is seaside/lakeside. And for some reason, I read it as “I’ve been standing here for ours.” Plus, I think the word “stars” might have something to do with fame. Maybe the speaker was trying to be an actress, but it didn’t work out. Then there’s the fact that you have a flat tire and you’re hoping this dude will lend you his spare. Or maybe you’re hoping he will actually be the spare, like wrap his body into a wheel. That’s a great metaphor for a good samaritan.

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