the cheese stands alone


there’s a man on the street
with dirty feet and an old guitar.
he’s got $17 in an old jam jar,
but he can’t remember how to get home.

there’s a girl on the on the stage
who dances for a dollar
with a frozen smile. she’s miles
from hope, but her feet still know the tune.

meanwhile, my love,
a black crow
stands alone, cawing at the sun,
contemplating murder.


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1 Response to the cheese stands alone

  1. This is very touching. The world and nature are indifferent to our human struggles.
    This had me wondering if there are any animals who do murder in the way that we do.
    “her feet still know the tune” – this had me thinking how despite our ability to empathize, we fail to help those who are truly in need. It’s very complicated. And yes, the cheese does stand alone.

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