blue poems

blue Monday

phlegm goes well with
indigo, turns out.
cornflower and periwinkle
smile, even when there’snot
a cloud in the sky.

blue (Tuesday)

Oh, yes.
Yes to a sunny packled indigo spot.
Yes to the ruffled breeze and the pine
-d for trees, too.
yes to a few whispered moments
with my Savior,
Maker of all this blue.

pretty punk

still feelin’ less
htan in the pink,
but i think there’s
an unsunk sun and a bold blue sky
that azure
i’m loved.

true love

is blue.
hold it against any other
hue, and indigo
wins every time. you just can’t
beat sea and lake and sky
for a yearning heart.

……………….don’t even try.




is golden and in
-digo, too, a swirl of
sigh into perfect

Gonna watch the sun plop
into my Lake.
Gonna take a breath
and hope to wake
with cleaner lungs and a
lighter heart.
Gonna start with this small,
thankful slice of blue,
hold it loosely
and lean on You.



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1 Response to blue poems

  1. Oh dear. I hope you were not sick!
    I like your use of h-tan — as an indicator that you’re not quite up to snuff.
    Absolutely love your optimistic outlook!

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