Second Verse, Same as the First

(an Ovillejo)

With its whole heart unfurled,
……..the world
(to hell, and back again)
will spin
a yarn, a web, ashamed;
……..the same
old tired tune, overplayed.
By way of proof,
here’s the full truth:
……………….. The world will spin the same.

Prompted by Poetic Asides.

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4 Responses to Second Verse, Same as the First

  1. This is very philosophical – and true — and a form! Wow! You are a genius!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  2. Shawna says:

    “The world will spin ashamed.”

    That’s powerful. We can be such idiots, repeating the falling. My mid-daughter has begun saying “idiot” left and right, mostly to her dad and me. I told all the kids this afternoon that they are banned from using that word—that if they feel compelled, they have to say it backwards (i.e., You are a toidi.) Now who could sound rude or hateful saying “toidi,” I ask you? 😉 I love it. I’m cracking up just thinking about it. Mostly ’cause it sounds like a baby way to say “toilet.” Seriously. Cracking up over here.

    • whimsygizmo says:

      This is genius. Laughter is our primary parenting technique, really. We sing silly discipline songs, directions, etc. We just get so sick of the sound of our own voices that we end up singing it. My husband has this one, for brushing teeth, washing hands, etc (after we asked them for the approximately one millionth time): “These are some basic things in life…somethings that you really ought to do…brushing your teeth now might be nice…washing your hands after you poo…”

      You get the gist.

      • Shawna says:

        So brilliant. I sing everything too. I just can’t stop. Even if I’m not singing to anyone but myself, I’m constantly making up goofball songs. Too bad I can’t remember them two minutes later. 🙂

        I love his teeth-brushing/hand-washing song.

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