Blue Friday News


There are no crowds up here on deck,
just the whisper of the pines. You see,

we’re shopping for peace today. And joy
and the beginning of a season worth

embracing, holding all year long. We’ve
got coffee, and keys. We’ve got this ruffled

breeze and the Lake sparkling below, bid
-ding blue into our veins. We’re buying no

-thing, just biding time, watching the sun
smile across these scattered waves. Hurry

in; we’ll save you a slice of shimmered sky;
one or two blue deals you just can’t resist.



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4 Responses to Blue Friday News

  1. Thanks for saving me some blue sky. 😃

  2. Shawna says:

    I love the rewraps:
    “You see just the whisper of the pines”
    “nodding blue into our veins”
    “nodding blue in-to our veins”
    “watching the Sun/Son thing smile across these scattered waves” (scat-eared, scat-erred, skate-red)
    “Hurry smile across (two kinds of crosses) these scattered (two kinds of scat) waves (two kinds of waves)”
    “slice of shimmered skyin'” … I LOVE skyin’ as a verb. 🙂

  3. I love the picture – and the sentiment, as well. I never buy anything or go anywhere (shopping-wise) on Black Friday. I hate shopping anyway, so it would be real torture for me, no matter what deal is put before me. “No – thing” as you put it, is worth wrecking such peace!

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