Skewed News

Once again we have buried
the lead
(may it rest in peace).

We need to find the heart
of it, the whowhatwhenwherewhy
of it, the frightened beating start
of it. We need to dig deeper than
our aching head
-lines will allow. We need to vow
to uncover the
under all
this useless



Prompted by Poetic Asides.


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1 Response to Skewed News

  1. Shawna says:

    As a former newspaper editor, I am swooning over this poem. I love what you did with “lead,” including possibilities for both pronunciations of the word, as well as embedding “leading.” But the real genius is how you have included an invisible “lewd” by using “skewed” in the title and then leaving “lead” hanging on a short line; it leads the imagination to infer an alternate spelling. That was really clever. Yes, for heaven’s sake, can we please bury the lewd.

    The three appearances of “of it” stacked on top of one another makes me think of the Trinity. I also love “We need to vow; lines will allow.”

    “To uncover the(e)” reinforces my theory that you’ve hidden the Trinity in there. Your underlying message is that we as a body should turn to God.

    “under all this useless” … materialism and waste, to name a few … Your line breaks are excellent, drawing out the rhymes, like here, you really squeeze out the sound in “use” to make it rhyme with “truth” in a more hard-hitting way. I wouldn’t have read it the same way if your line breaks were in different places. You are a master at controlling your readers’ tongues. You should be very proud of this. So many don’t know how, nor do they realize the importance of controlling the way a poem is read. Fantastic job.

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