Prehensile Trunks, All In


We crease the corners
carefully, all things con
-sidered, and with
great organ(s)
(heart, lungs, skin)
of I-
zation. Give us a
swan, a wrinkled
tongue forced un
-open, a gray
ear eventually tipped
toward sky. I be
-queath thee eleven
paper lanterns and
a peanut. A kumquat.
A snot rag for your tears.
You bet the last of your
good years, and a
wild heart read
-y for safari.

………………..I fold.


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3 Responses to Prehensile Trunks, All In

  1. whimsygizmo says:

    This fabulously fun prompt from my Shawna marks my 2000th poem on this blog.
    In honor of celebration, please play along (and feel free to post your link in the comments).
    The prompt is:
    eleven eventual elephants origami organization


  2. ā™„Loveā™„

    This is a beautiful definition of “prehensile”: “gifted with mental grasp or moral or aesthetic perception” … I’m reading the title with this application of the word in mind. Then I’m changing it from an elephant trunk to a keepsake sort of trunk sitting at the end of your bed. “All in” means that everything important is inside the trunk. That’s essentially your imagination, your adventurous spirit, and your folded up origami brain going on a trip inside the safari-box.

  3. I imagine this is about origami – or inspired by origami! Kumquat – how nice to see that in a poem! In any event, I sense a competition of some sort. I love the idea of prehensile trunks! Well done!

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