(for Shawna, belated for her birthday, which I forgot)


There’s a {s}whirl of frosting
for you here, love, some zabaglione
for your soul. I wish you Zen,
and then some zero
-gravity in which
to find your {s}way.

We’ll fling all things,
and make boho
dangly jewel brace
-lets out of {s}now, throw
open our {s}ashes, and win
-dow the rest.

I’ll wish you heart
and hug and all things blessed
by lack of payment, form
and {s}pace. I’ll fill a balloon
with poems and chalk dust
and rum.

I’ll throw you a jingle
-jangly kneesock tutu
tea party. With cherries.

………………I hope you’ll come.


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2 Responses to {s}Wishes

  1. How fun! I just love the brackets! The balloon full of chalk dust and rum- nice. And a tea party is always fun! I do hope she had a great day!

  2. December Sentiments says:

    I love to pieces what you did with the layered words by adding those esses (swishes/wishes, swirl/whirl, sway/way, snow/now, sashes/ashes, space/pace). I will especially welcome the Zen and zero-gravity. And my goodness, snow bracelets! Window (Tao) the rest. Kneesock tutu tea party. I am so there. This is gorgeous! Thank you so much for this!

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