Canary Psyche


Analyze this, Love,
my old and yellowed song.
Life gave me lemons and
leotards, a lack of flexibility
and sugar. Stir

me, tingle the breeze
past the bars of my last
cage. I’ve raged against
the wind, the day, the
machine. It all means no
-thing without a song.

I think I may have known mine
………………………all along.




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4 Responses to Canary Psyche

  1. whimsygizmo says:

    Inspired by a sweet word list from my Shawna:
    tingle, lemon, leotard, canary, psyche

  2. i love “tingle” as a verb – esp. the breeze. A leotard without flexibility… no skills to go with the uniform…. and I suppose that flexibility results in not being able to combine the sugar and the lemons! I agree with the ending – we all have songs, but sometimes it’s really hard to hear them.

  3. December Sentiments says:

    I read it as life gave you a lack of sugar! Lemons, but no sugar. A leotard, but no flexibility (both kinds). Life is cruel.

    I love the line that says “me, tingle the breeze.” Either you are the breeze, and you’re asking to be tingled.” Or you’re telling yourself to tingle the breeze. That’s a neat power, to be able to give the breeze tingles; it’s usually the other way around.

    I also like that the first line could be “Analyze this love,” or it could be “Analyze THIS, Love” (using a couple of different tones. Maybe you’re being serious; maybe you’re being sarcastic. And maybe you want your song analyzed, or maybe you’re talking to your song.

    “I’ve raged against cage” … great line

  4. This really moves, De. Great imagery, and enjambments.

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