bat anything
…………………you want,
some days
the world
………………………….won’t play.

you can have
…………………my heart, love.

just not


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2 Responses to lashes

  1. I’ve never worn false eyelashes. But my eyelashes were very long when I was little and I was frequently asked to pose and bat them!
    But then the cold cruel world hit: the world won’t play. “just not today” – indeed. Lashes don’t do any good.
    Of course perhaps I should try some false ones… but alas, I’m not much for trusting anything I might acquire via false eyelashes 🙂

  2. December Sentiments says:

    This is about a singer named Natasha Khan. Her musical name is Bat for Lashes. She’s talking to her audience, her fans. She’s saying you can have me completely, most of the time. But not today. Everyone needs a day off from time to time — especially when living such a public life. Actually, now that I think about it, she’s looking in the mirror and talking to herself. She wants to love herself, but it’s not working today. She can usually woo everyone, especially the crowd. But sometimes she wishes she could woo herself. She tries to pump up her own self-esteem, but it doesn’t always work.

    I love the centrally aligned poem: Some days the world just not. In other words, some days the world isn’t just.

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