Slant Rant


Tell it
all. Tall tale
standing, dead
man walking, lost
girl drowning in her own
croc tears. Fill the world
with distorted stories, but
leave a blank or two at center.

(There are things
I just don’t know.)

Are we really here again?

are you friend

………..or faux?


Prompted by Poetic Asides.



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2 Responses to Slant Rant

  1. Wow – this could be rant about the media – which thrives on bad news. And no matter what – they are always distorted – that’s the nature of story-telling. “There are things I just don’t know” – oh my – there are things I will never know.
    And I just love your use of “faux” — an appropriate question when discussing the media.

  2. December Sentiments says:

    Oh, wow. Friend or faux. That was brilliant! Hey, I just made up a word: quill-iant.

    “There are things I just don’t know.” … That’s my favorite part.

    This is great; I really like the possible stories inside.

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