A Sliver of Silver in an Ebony Sea


-ticks off time, space,
crafts tides. She treads
on ocean, spreads her milky
sway forever over each closed day.

Say she’s a planet, she’ll
laugh; an angel, she’ll shed
you cloudy tangled tears. Call
her a loser as she wanes, spinning
right round you at center. Orbit or

endeavor to get to know her smile,
or wish upon her starry neighbors
splattered across these inky



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4 Responses to A Sliver of Silver in an Ebony Sea

  1. I love your moon poetry! It’s so beautiful and this one certainly is an ode to the moon… it certainly makes one consider her status, anyway. For example: “forever over each closed day.”

  2. Sara v says:

    Luna-ticks–oh you make me smile so much! Been really busy and missing out on visiting you and you delightful words. Merry Christmas my talented friend–thank you for all the delicious treats in my inbox. xoxoxo!

  3. December Sentiments says:

    The title image is gorgeous! I can totally picture that. Like a sliver of magic making a momentary appearance in a midnight ocean, a mermaid, far off in the distance. Her name is Luna, of course. Ooh, her milky sway. She’s a momma mermaid, and she’s lost her coconut shells. 🙂 I see “across thee, sinky” at the end. Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2014 14:58:52 +0000 To: chamomilesea@hotmail.com

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