Clear Days

See, forever
isn’t all it’s cracked
up to be, cracked open
like an egg yolk on some
sizzled sidewalk. You gotta
work for it; take the lows
and the blows
along with the raise
-the-roof moments.

-side up is overrated;
we’re created for balance
and some semblance of scram
-bled sway. Run away with me,
you’ll see. Our recovery
starts today.


Prompted by Poetic Asides.



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2 Responses to Clear Days

  1. Or how about soft boiled, left in the shell for protection 🙂
    I’m imagining this is to friends Forever and Sunny! That sounds like a weather forecast: “Today will be Sunny and Forever, with a chance of scram!”
    I like the point that for the long haul to work – you definitely have to endure the lows. This is true of anything worth doing, isn’t it?

  2. Shawna says:

    I love the double meaning in the title: Clear [your] days. Make room for something fun, something unplanned.

    This is about a struggling marriage. And maybe the struggles only exist because life is so hectic and crazy. This couple needs a weekend getaway alone.

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