Poem #1

The (l)oneliest number,
-er than the rest;
but somehow also
touted as
……………the best.



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4 Responses to Poem #1

  1. Isn’t it one of those contradictions — so true. In the end it’s always one, no matter what (well, not if you have faith). And yet 1 is supposed to be the best – in so many ways. Well done !

    • whimsygizmo says:

      PoemMonsterBully Shawna is demanding ‘5 poems a day’ today. So this is 1 of 5. I hope. If my must cooperates.

      • Shawna says:

        LOL … And then by the time you had started posting poems, the night got kid-crazy and I had no time to read! 🙂

        I love your typo: “If my must cooperates.”

        Now I’m singing the Madonna song, “One / is the loneliest number / that you’ll ever do. / Two / can be as bad as one / but the loneliest number / is the number one.”

        “touted as[s]” is awesome … this is what anyone who touts himself as #1 ends up being 🙂

        Interesting how 1 is “but somehow also.” Somehow more than 1. I guess if you’re alone, then you make yourself be “also.” You manage, however you have to, with whatever you have.

      • Shawna says:

        I guess your must gave out. 😉 I do not see 5 poems. Today, it’s 7.

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