Poem #3


Bad things come
in threes
and breeze,
trees fallen
and gravity’s end
-less sway. We pray
our thrice-told tales
are enough for happy
endings, new be
-ginnings, and every small

We stay
and pray
these three


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2 Responses to Poem #3

  1. Shawna says:

    I love this … especially the idea that gravity has a behind. 🙂
    “We pray less sway.” Yes, we sure do.
    “Endings newbie.” Like a first breakup, maybe? The threes make me picture a third person swooping in and breaking up the happy couple, or at least causing them trouble. I think they’re going to save it, and maybe even end up with “and every small” (a new baby).

    The only way they’ll make it is by kicking out the third wheel and making the third party in their relationship God.

  2. The ending three are not bad at all, but the sturdy base for all. Triangles are pretty sturdy figures, actually. Maybe bad things come in threes for a reason – to build a base of rebirth or some such thing.

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