Crimson Hope

It’s a flower
built in fairy huts
for the coming unsewn
of hearts and hope.

It’s a main
-spring fling of sigh
-lence and petals,
deep indigo center
with tiny purple mini
flowers waving.

It’s the saving of sun
-shine and gold,
the bright trem
………….-bling of joy.



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3 Responses to Crimson Hope

  1. Wow to the first stanza. And the title.. very nice.

  2. Shawna says:

    I love this! A flower boarder; now that would be a nice renter!

    The brilliant thing you did there was pretend you were talking about flowers when you were really talking about flow-ers (which rhymes with “hope”). I love the tiny purple mini-skirts, too. 🙂 What clever word play, like spring fling. And “fairy” is only a step away from “fiery.” There’s also “lance” and “pet alls.”

    Tiny pure plea of mine eye.

    Jesus is in there in “sun” and “crimson hope.” So this is spiritual, pretty, passionate, emotional. All levels are covered in this poem. It only looks like it’s about sweet flowers. Beautiful work.

  3. cobalt girl says:

    This is very sad because The Crimson Tide lost yesterday. 😦
    “for the coming unsewn
    of hearts and hope”

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