O’er all the Weary, Whirled


You talk of oceans,
sweat and the sweet
burn of forgotten salt.

I panic, per
-form dances of seafoam
and flotsam, help my
-self to the glory of moon
-shine long spilled.

Our eyes snag
at the first sight of
struck across the
ebony face of a cold

I aim high, plunge
full deep,
keeper of a thou
-sand always.



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4 Responses to O’er all the Weary, Whirled

  1. kaykuala h says:

    Looks like one has to give way and take the plunge. Relationships may cause some tough decisions to maintain! Good take DJ!


  2. What a beautiful poem. “keeper of a thou” – love your word play – along with “glory of moon / shine.”

  3. Shawna says:

    “weary world/whirled” … You are hilarious! That was really clever.

    This is about Abraham and Lot, the destruction of Sodom, … the Exodus, and the desert wandering. Basically the history of the Israelites.

    I LOVE “I panic-purr” and “form dances of seafoam.”

    “Our eyes es-nag.” Nagging is definitely in Satan’s bag of tricks.
    “Bony face of a cold.” … No one’s thriving here.
    “I aim high, plunge.” … Clearing out a toilet clog.
    Sand is desert, beach, time, age, mess.

    We should all shine, long(ing) spilled.

    This is also about you, your love for water, and your mermaid.

  4. carrie says:

    Very clever title! Interesting use of hyphenation… hadn’t thought of that before. Muses…

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