And so it begins.

It’s new, and near. It rings;
she sings of shelter and design,
a quiet place to shine.

Her resolve is clear: a re
-view of all things turned loose, un
-articulated and debated.

She’s dedicated to none
other than the truth, a be
-lief that all things lie
within; the desire to always
play, not win.




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6 Responses to Revolutions

  1. drpkp says:

    Aww De – “the desire to always play not win” … We were on similar tracks though I fear I was a bit blow-hardy in my expression. Happy Healthy Peaceful New Year filled with Love and Light. 🙂

  2. Yes, and I too, liked the line “the desire to always play, not win” is a tender, nice and, interestingly, a powerful line. I like to play. I don’t think of playing as a win game.

  3. cobalt girl says:

    I LOVE the idea of an unview. Especially of all things turned loose. All your line breaks are excellent, in fact.

    This is about a girl who’s been proposed to many times, and she always says “no.”

    favorite lines:
    “she sings of shelter and design” (she wants a home and a family, but she wants the freedom to create/design even more)

    “her resolve is clear ARE” (she chooses to BE, above all else)

    “dedicated to none”

    “dedicated to none other than the truth: a be(e)” … to exist AND to pollinate/make honey/be sweet

    “a be leaf”

    “the desire to always, within” (with “always” used as a verb)

    I guess the ending means she’s playing with the boys, but not actually winning them in the end, as she turns them all down.

  4. My favorite part is “all things lie / within” which is my mantra and truth for life. We try so hard to reach for external things – and yet it all really lies within. It’s more work, of course, and not as easy to see, but it is the “truth,” indeed.

  5. DELL CLOVER says:

    I especially like the last part–not to focus on winning, but playing.

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