Chapped Lips

and fingers.

I am trying to corral my word spill,
actual pages with some semblance
of rhythm
and reason. ‘Twas the season for
and procrastination. Imagine my
when I realized the deadline’s almost




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7 Responses to Chapped Lips

  1. whimsygizmo says:

    This is why I cannot write a book, apparently. Un-choosing poems feels like killing babies.

  2. cobalt girl says:


    “when I realized the deadline’s almost” … I love “almost” as a deadline itself. Sometimes the vague, undefined deadlines are the worst.

    “Imagine my and procrastination” … Ditto! There’s always an “and,” another thing (or a hundred) to get done.

  3. cobalt girl says:

    Every time I decide I shouldn’t be writing, I read you, and your writing makes me want to write again. It reminds that the whole point of this is to have fun.

  4. Dear, my fingers were chapped today — well, more likely headed for frost-bitten – while I was dealing with my chickens’ water dishes.
    Though I reckon you’re talking more about a chap book you’re working on, perhaps?
    I would have a hard time not picking any of your poems as well! šŸ™‚ But good luck!

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