Party People


They lead vigorous half-lives,
like pink algae and fun
-gi adopted by moonlight.

They call many shots
and circle lots
looking for their
cars, even though
they walked.

They’re distinctively poor
and strangely silent, wear
-resistant to the deep blue

…………..heart of morning.


Prompted by Poetic Asides, and inspired by some fun words lists from Shawna.


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4 Responses to Party People

  1. cobalt girl says:

    This is awesome! I LOVE it to the max. Party people, indeed. 🙂

    One of my faves is the guy adopted by moonlight. “calling many shots” makes me giggle too. My absolute fave is looking for the car when you walked. Hilarious. I can totally picture/remember this. 😛

    Oh, “circle lots” is great too … they circle the parking lot, and they do a lot of circling (in general, in all sorts of life situations).

    “looking for their” … always trying to find themselves

    “strangely silent-wear” … very clever

  2. “vigorous half-lives” – what a gem. And how true of what we humans do — seeking happiness or whatever it is we’re seeking. “distinctively poor” how apt!

  3. Kir Piccini says:

    After reading it I wanted to be 21 and then 45 simultaneously. To be able to live the vigorous half -life AND sleep on the couch.

    You spanned the years and had me nostalgic and happy to be “right here” simultaneously.

  4. cobalt girl says:

    Still lovin’ this.

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