leaves her
feeling a little naked,
laid bare, un-de
-cor(rug)ated as her
house, left only with
the slightest twinkle
of forgotten light
and the memory
of pine in the corners.

she re
-solves algorithms once be
-fuddled, sweeps out
dusty closets and clears
headspace for the lists
and squares and lines
ahead. she gently dreads
the desert sun; wishes
for a snow day, some
hibernation time of

the mistletoe’s still
the true gifts still

Prompted by Poetic Asides.


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3 Responses to january

  1. cobalt girl says:

    All those lowercased letters mean she’s feeling very small and insignificant, not herself at all.

    january leaves her
    january leaves here
    january leave share (military leave, maybe)

    I love “un-de” (hee hee, undies) and what you did with “core ated” (eaten). It could also be “core hated” (she doesn’t like herself very much right now). I won’t comment on “rug ated.” 🙂 “co-rated” also pops up (like a movie rating). Carbon monoxide. She’s poisonous … perhaps suicidal.

    “left only with ho-use” … That is very scary; I do hope that’s not truly her only option. But that’s how women feel when they’re in those types of professions, especially if they’re single mothers.

    “the memory of pine (pining) in the corner” … Very clever double-play with “pine.”

    I really like the resolving of algorithms. 🙂 Especially because “all go rhythms” hides inside. Maybe she wants everyone to go away so that she can have alone time to figure things out.

    “She gently dreads a head.” … her own, I presume; this could be a migraine in waiting.

    I love “dreads the desert sun-wishes.” What does the desert sun wish for? To destroy everything, leave it without water, waiting for death.

    “sum for a snow-day” … I think she’s doing math because she thinks it will somehow magically change the weather. Maybe she even hates math but she’s so desperate for a weather change that she’ll do absolutely anything to make it happen.

    Ooh, I see “hibernation time off” … whatever her job is, it can wait! This girl has got to regroup. (Ha ha. What a fun accidental pun.)

    The ending means that there hasn’t even been time for romance (mistletoe still), and her biggest presents of all (spiritual) have been set aside because of all the other _________ (fill-in-the-blank stuff). She still has a world of presents inside her Bible, and that’s how this ends: She’s getting everyone out of the house so that she can sit down with her Bible.

    • cobalt girl says:

      January leaves her sherry.
      January leaves her Sherry.
      January leaves = her sherry.

      The title plus the short lines. Either she’s being renamed (by God or herself), she’s pretending to be someone she’s not, or she’s drinking. In the case of the last possibility (January leaves being her sherry, then maybe the drinking or the false identity are dying.) Or maybe Sherry is another person, good or bad, beneficial or harmful.

  2. I’m imagining the process of de-corrugating something – flattening it out , I assume… which many people do at the new year!
    And everyone needs a “snow day” don’t they? They are divine. Unless you have to shovel the snow. But that can be fun, too, if you look at it the right way.

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