Orion’s Belt Unbuckling

Let’s give that fat and sassy moon something
to talk about, something to squawk about
when she bids the sun good morning.

Let’s make sure the gossip’s juicy, as loosy
-goosy tongues pry open this bold bruised sky.

Let’s not ask her why she shines, opens her
silvered smile for all to see. Let’s just be
thankful for her borrowed glow.

She’s yours,
and mine.

Let’s let her
watch our limbs
climb to brighter stars,
the constancy of this one
last constellation
…………..is ours.




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6 Responses to Orion’s Belt Unbuckling

  1. I always look to that belt of stars…every night when Fin takes his last outdoor breath…I do, too and sip stars. 🙂 I Love your poem, de!

  2. Is cool
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  3. Love that title! And the insinuation of the first line! Well done!

  4. Sara v says:

    Love this!! An excellent title too. Big smiles and Happy New Year!!

  5. cobalt girl says:

    This is AWESOME! And kind of kinky. 🙂

    I love the idea of letting (bleeding) the moon.

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