Astral Stupor

Give me a body
of water, a drizzle
of stars, a jaw
-dropped wonder
fireflies in jars.

Give me a reckless
abandon, a sweet
surrender, a blind
-ing bender of laughter
and quiet rain.

Give me a pride
of hungry lions
singing one loose
a fixture of sweet force
that holds my name.


wordled for mindlovemiserysmenagerie.






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4 Responses to Astral Stupor

  1. Well, if hungry lions were holding my name, they could have it 🙂
    “a fixture of sweet force” is great.
    I like the drizzle of stars and fireflies. Do you guys get fireflies in Nevada?
    I like the way this whole thing sounds when read aloud!

  2. Very nice use of these words. A drizzle of stars…beautiful image. Yes jaw dropping poem !

  3. Grammar Queen says:

    This is one my favorites.

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