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a single dramatic papyrus

… when the ancient writers come down to us, indiscriminate forces viole(n)t haired, pure and honey smiling, we unwrap our scrolls, dismantled mummy verses of quasi-sacred groove. have you yet noted the echoes? our manuscript tradition be -gins and ends … Continue reading

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… I don’t want to poem or parent any more – pander or plead or push or police, so I shall pirate instead, sail the high seas, follow the breeze and plunder peace from the dawn. I’ll treasure map my … Continue reading

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.. She is feeling rather un , stressed -dressed untethered, unfeathered, too weathered by storm and strain and stain. She is feeling some -what less -on, more wan than won, a slight syllable still cared for but a little care … Continue reading

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Partial Submergence

.. Give her her mer -maid back, a slow-waved clack, an isostatic equal -ibrium born of unglaciated time and space …….(bar), Some small seismi -city carved from coastal. (Preferably some time before she goes postal.)     … Awesome word … Continue reading

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salt water

. there is no time nor ……….space for sea, so today she chooses sweat ………………..and tears.     ..

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ha. i’m already bent pent rent vent ……….(ing) ment ≥…….(al) .. …………….spent.     ..

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.. Some think her delightful, light-full, a spark, but they haven’t seen her dark heart, the place where quiet grace is replaced by hollow stone, old bones break -ing under the weight of swallowed sky. Don’t ask her why she’s … Continue reading

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  i think maybe i don’t have time to be a poet and a parent.     .

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(a found poem) .. I was a sprinter, an old poem in need of revision; too many straws, not enough scarecrows. I remember the color of sorrow, sorcery, …..sorry spilled on bar napkins, Moses on the mountain, communion for one. … Continue reading

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Stones, Lots, Crowns

.. We are cast of iron and steel and sand and sea, somehow both sculpted and shed, forged and filed. We are golden, un …………-known. We are cast still, broken pieces set and stitched and bullied back together. We are … Continue reading

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