A Glint of Light on Some Far Horizon, Deep

kylli-sparre-46Kylli Sparre


-lock me,
let me walk
these fields, feet
bared, heart flayed open
to a graying barren sky.

I’ll leave
-hind my tresses
and (ad)dresses,
feel these sharp places
between my toes, and
suppose myself somewhere

See those clouds?

They know
…….the beat of my skin,
the shape of my


prompted by mindlovemiserysmenagerie






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4 Responses to A Glint of Light on Some Far Horizon, Deep

  1. Marie Elena says:

    Utterly speechless. Wow…

  2. Grammar Queen says:

    In the opening, I see both “deep-unlock me” and “deepen-lock me.”

    The difference between being “bared” and “barred” is nothing more than an “r.”

    I love this:
    “I’ll leave
    -hind my tresses
    and (ad)dresses”

    And this:
    “suppose myself somewhere

    And that gorgeous ending.

    Fantastic poem.

  3. i agree with the praise here. This reminds me of mind over matter – you can take every THING away from someone but his/her thoughts – the self. The hair, the homes, the reality means nothing compared to the soul.

  4. mj6969 says:

    This is a very powerfully written piece that is wonderful in the word play – as the emphasis shifts, so does possibilities and perspectives in the reading. A great work 🙂

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