This Poem is Free


of prejudice and personification,
pride and all superfluous pulchritude.

This poem has shed its outer skin
and delved within its
-self. This poem has shelved
all masks and all safe middle-ground
claims, staked itself to
shifting sand. This poem

has landed on tip-toes
and supposed itself spilled,
willed for nothing but the space

it takes. This poem won’t catch
any breaks, win any contests
or friends or new
bends in this endless twisted
road to nowhere, but it might
remind you to pluck
a daisy
along the way. Free

your hands, splay
them to a waiting sky,
join the fray of song
that scatters by; you’ll find
there is nothing quite
as free


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3 Responses to This Poem is Free

  1. Grammar Queen says:

    “delved within its
    -self. This poem has shelved
    all masks and all safe middle-ground
    claims” … Love this.

    “shifting sand. This poem” … This poem [is] shifting sand.

    If you take the first letter of each of the last six lines and semi-combine them, you’ll see “epitaph” begin to rise.

    Also in the end, if you reorder the words, you might see (as I do), “there is nothing as free as yourself.”

    “there is nothing quite” … There is nothing quiet. There is nothing; quit

    “remind you(rself) to pluck road(s) to nowhere”

    “This poem won’t catch (sh)itakes.” … Pretty brilliant.

    We all need toes made of tips (both kinds). We also need to paint the tips of our toes, just to make survival a little prettier.

    “willed for nothing but the space” … Having a little space would make life more easy to take.

    “staked itself to clams” … This is a variation of being tossed overboard chained to something heavy, like an anchor. You’re staked to clams and sinking. You must be a serious lightweight.

    “This poem has shelved self.” … It doesn’t know who it is.

    “and delved with thy nits” … Lice. I hate ’em. But they do dig into your head.

    I just watched Becoming Jane the other day. Great movie. Love the nod to her at the beginning.

  2. Sara v says:

    Oh my friend, that was freeing!! Thank you for the smiles. Love to you 🙂

  3. This poem is priceless!

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