Considering Lilies

Please, don’t point your weapons
at the sky:
the sparrows are terrorized,
and it’s springtime,
it’s raining, the meadows are ruminating.
you’ll melt the moon, only night light of the poor.

– Carilda Olivar Labra “Declaration of Love”




when did we decide this shattered
shrapnel skin
was enough,
this indigo sky too much
for a pilfered

Is it too soon
to surrender, render
ourselves as sparrows,
unafraid of lack? Let’s
paint our weapons silent,
hold this halfmelt up to
new light, fight only
for a brighter breeze.

It’s raining, Love. Don’t you
feel it salt our faces? Won’t
you please erase
the half of me that lies
in wait?

It’s springtime,
Love. Paint me some
soft ivory thing worth
dying for.



Prompted by Toads.




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6 Responses to Considering Lilies

  1. Grace says:

    I specially love that ending, a nice twist to Carilda’s work ~

    Thanks so much for participating & wishing you happy week ~

  2. How thankful I am that we do not live in a land of war – where you would have to be involved whether you wanted to or not.
    I love that ending, too. Very nice!

  3. margaret says:

    Powerful last two stanzas.

  4. Camilla says:

    Your writing keeps getting better and better; I’m SO impressed. The first stanza is my favorite, but I also love the way you connected the title and the closing (some soft ivory thing). I think cidering lilies is a great idea. It’s raining cider lilies, or lily cider. Either way, this is gorgeous. Hold this halfmelt is very creative too.

  5. Oh I love your positive ways to work the true love out of the inspired poem.. mine was a lot darker I have to admit..

  6. Poet Laundry says:

    Aching and beautiful, De.

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