She chases the wild
-(h)erness with her smile,
a warrior in waiting.

Listen to her keen
javelin sway; feel her quiver,
small palms slaying nothing
more than dragons. She has
suckled wayward infants,
claimed grown men
with her song, slung
over shoulder, saved
for courting

Retrieve her spark,
wheat stalked
and stacked
for sowing, knowing
she’s un

She’s amassing us
all at her own be
-hest, poetic miss
-tress, huntress,

Undress your own
moon carefully. There’s
another sky waiting.
Choose your segment,
and watch
the stars tuck
into crescent pockets like
……….cold secrets lost.


..Inspiring word list from my Shawna.

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2 Responses to Twinkle

  1. “cold secrets lost” – wow. I love that.
    This reminds me of you and Shawna!

  2. Camilla says:

    “wild herness” How great is that?! Oh, courting rain … beautiful. Un-claimed. 🙂 I always like what you do with those uns.

    I see Poetic Miss Hest(er Prynne).

    Tress Huntress. I like that. 🙂 That’s when we’re trying to grow out our hair.

    Ooh, rain siren is formed by your indentations. Gorgeous!

    This is really cool. The title tells us straightaway that you’re talking about star-gazing, the power the stars have over us humans, running around worrying about our problems but still mesmerized by the heavens. And yet, we can’t help but think about a woman when reading the poem. But by the end, you remind us that we’re reading about a star. Stars sitting in our pockets, but also in the pockets of the moon. This is beautiful, and so creative.

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