Stones, Lots, Crowns


We are cast
of iron and steel
and sand and sea,
somehow both sculpted
and shed, forged
and filed.
We are golden, un

We are cast
still, broken pieces set
and stitched and bullied
back together.

We are cast off, shrugged
aside, floored and flung
…..and stung
by wayward breeze.

We are chosen,
but frozen in our own
bright skin. We find our
names etched here in these
permanent pages, be
-longing, but we can no
longer read them.

Prompted by Margo Roby’s poem tryouts



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9 Responses to Stones, Lots, Crowns

  1. billgncs says:

    always enjoy how playfully you weave the words.

  2. Camilla says:

    “bullied back together” … Wow. That’s really powerful.

  3. barbcrary says:

    I really like the title – much to think about in just those three words! The line breaks also provide much food for thought. You’ve done a lot with this prompt.

  4. Love the first stanza esp.

  5. Misky says:

    The first stanza caught my imagination, and I loved it.

  6. I keep rereading the poem. A powerful portrayal of the very human longing to be known. A captivating read, De.

  7. I love the contrast between steel and sea…the solid and the fluid…finely balanced piece, much enjoyed, De! 🙂

  8. margo roby says:

    I love all the contrasts, the whole yin and yang of it casting a shadow of how we live. [No, I really can’t help myself with this word] The second stanza is the one that keeps pulling me back. This poem is less playful than your usual and I like that.

  9. Well, this took me to a cemetery — or a place of burial. It brings to my mind all the many ways we do try to be remembered – with a tombstone, with an epitaph – and whatever requests are in our will. And yet… the last stanza hits it “we can no longer read” – of what meaning is it all really? Another philosophical one!

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